While the traditional, linear TV declines day-to-day, OTT emerges as the future for video. Building an OTT service was prohibitive for small players up until now.

Many media entrepreneurs choose to feature their content on YouTube; which limits control on how they want to showcase their brand and business rules. Not to mention that they also deal with a lot of competition and noise.

On the other hand, riskier entrepreneurs that choose to build professional services, from scratch, have dramatic stories about their services taking years to launch as well as spending most of their budget on software factories.

As I see it, it just doesn’t make sense for media entrepreneurs to waste time and money developing tailor-made apps while integrating several vendors. Instead they could use that very budget for marketing efforts and hacking growth.

Fortunately, great opportunities are arising for Media Creators. The rules of the game have changed: with lower a production cost, advanced/cheaper delivery technology, and a sharp increase in people willing to subscribe to video services.

It has never been easier to launch a niche OTT and compete with the big media dinosaurs, who are trapped in the illusion of competing with Netflix. Entry barriers will continue to decline; allowing smaller creators to deliver successful and profitable services to a broader audience. Using a SaaS platform, such as Nunchee (www.nunchee.com), creators can build and launch professional video services in few hours, without any coding skills nor negotiating with several vendors.

This leaves room for media entrepreneurs to focus on 2 important matters-creating attractive content and driving growth, instead of driving all efforts into the technology itself.

You can now create your professional video channel with no set-up cost and no long-term contracts. And you can try it for free.

p.s. Want to know more? Use the link below to schedule a walk-through Demo with one of our video specialists.


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