Nunchee is the fastest platform to launch your video service. Prior programming knowledge is not needed and It’ll be ready to go in 3 simple steps.

Watch this video to learn how to configure everything from our console.​

Step #1

Decide which template best fits your type of business. Once selected you will immediately see the changes in the Preview in desktop, mobile, and tablet. Next, choose a palette of colors that best represents your brand.

Define the looks

Step #2

Now let’s map out the architecture of the web version and apps. This is where you will create your pages and subpages. Just give it a title and press enter.

map out the architecture

Step #3

The third and last step is publishing your app. But before we do so, fill in all the necessary information.

· App Name

· Descriptions

· Keywords that users would use to look up your app.

· Categories for apps

· Subdomain. These can be customized at no additional cost.

· FB app ID

· Upload the required images, App ratings, and terms and conditions.

publish your apps

Now, go ahead and PUBLISH YOUR APP.

If you need further assistance, please contact us at or jump on a call with one of our Video Specialists here.

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