Nunchee OTT - a Uscreen Alternative

Are you looking for a video monetization platform with branded OTT apps? Nunchee is one of several YouTube alternatives for creators who want an OTT platform with well-thought-out built-in video customization features.
We understand the process of organizing content on your channel can be a daunting undertaking, and that’s why our platform is designed to automatically organize and categorize the content for you. By creating a channel with Nunchee, you expand your ability to reach a broad audience on streaming services such as Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, and so on.
In fact, Nunchee is the Shopify of the OTT/VOD space, delivering an intuitive, reliable platform for white-label VOD that’s focused on content creators.
If you’re not convinced, here’s why Nunchee is one of the best video monetization sites.

Fast Turn-Around

Nunchee is a platform that allows its users to launch their end-to-end OTT services in 24 hours or less. Unlike other video monetization sites, like Uscreen and Vimeo, where launching OTT services with native apps may take even months, Nunchee has a quick turn-around that lets any changes conducted on your service be carried out in real-time.


Nunchee OTT is a platform that integrates a custom player, graphics, analytics, and branded apps for linear and on-demand streaming. Through the platform, creators can deliver video and audio streaming across mobile, web, and set-top boxes, just to mention a few. They can also edit and make changes on their media content in real-time through the use of a power-packed suite.

DiversityRevenue Generation

The hard work you put to create unique videos and media should not go unrewarded. All you need is to create a subscription-based model, an advertising-based model, or both with the Nunchee OTT platform and start making money.
With our platform, you can monetize your videos and earn through your creativity. Even better, we allow paid subscriptions from your audience. The platform allows you to run marketing ads with postrolls, prerolls, and banners.
Always remember you can generate revenue with more than 100+ different currencies on our platform.

Branded Services

Nunchee is a SaaS platform that allows media creators to launch their branded apps and video website instantly. By use of these services, the content is made available to everyone in less than 20 minutes.
Our video monetization platform also can help you to market your content so as it can get the attention it deserves.

Customized Features

Nunchee is a premium OTT platform that is user-friendly and provides media creators with many customized features. With everything from the creation of responsive video web, native apps, subscription models and payments gateways to ad models, rest assured the platform has simplified the undertaking for you.
We’ve also made the process of receiving editorial notifications and video and news posts from internal-external CDNs easy and uncomplicated.
Our proprietary framework, known as Nunchee Syntax, helps us to makes unique changes in native apps. With this feature, we can adjust app layout, content rules, and branding to any live app without publishing a new build into the app store. And your app users wouldn’t have to update their apps.

Publishing Made Easier

In just a few simple steps, publishing in Nunchee OTT is easier than ever. All you need is to define your brand, map out the structure of your content, and then choose the platform in which you want your channel to be present.

Fixed-Fee Platform

It may seem like a smart move to pay your OTT platform a percentage when you begin to make a profit. However, this is not a good idea when your business grows into a six-figure venture. What may initially look like a small amount to pay during startup may end up becoming a large commission worth thousands of dollars when your business becomes profitable.
That’s why the Nunchee OTT platform allows clients to enroll for a fixed fee. Our monthly payments start from $245, depending on the package you choose. This means we charge constant rates regardless of how much you make.

Provides Audience Data and Billing Info

Nunchee helps you to grow on the platform by providing you with your audience’s data and billing information. The platform allows you to import this kind of information from admin areas. With this knowledge, you can make more informed decisions on how to engage your clients better.
More importantly, you develop a personalized touch with your audience, which is great for growing your OTT marketing strategies.

A 24/7 Technical Support Team

When choosing an OTT platform, you should go for the one with a technical team you can rely on. It doesn’t matter your level of experience — once in a while, everybody runs into a problem they can’t handle by themselves.
At Nunchee, we have a technical support team that works round the clock to address your problems or queries.


Nunchee is the most dynamic and flexible way for media creators to reach and engage customers. Through properly organized playlists, your branded content will be made available through branded apps and the web.
More importantly, Nunchee allows you to make changes easily to your content. The platform has all the functionality you may need in an OTT platform. When using Nunchee, you get premium services at reasonable prices.
Nunchee OTT is the new way for media creators to develop professional video services with their own branding. The video monetization platform helps video entrepreneurs to invest in a very profitable business and marketing strategy. Whether you choose to stream with a subscription-based or advertising-based model, rest assured you have come to the platform that allows you to engage the audience that watches videos in branded apps or web browsers better.

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