The holidays are over and we are starting not only a new year, but a new decade. It’s time to prepare for what’s coming next in the OTT industry. 

New giants are starting to compete in the market. It was announced that Warner media’s new SVOD, HBO max, will be launching in May 2020. They will include their original HBO max, will be launching in May 2020. They will include their original HBO series and Warner Bros movies, and Friends, which was the second most watched TV show on Netflix. On top of that, they announced 7 new original series and 4 new original movies. 

On the other hand, RTVE’s OTT will be delivering Spain’s best TV content to Latin America, the US and Canada. RTVE Play’s launch was announced for the first trimester of 2019, but due to a delay it will be launched this year.

Forecasts show a high rise in the OTT industry for 2020 with an estimation of a $159 billion market by 2024 (according to digital TV research).


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